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Our mission: to create and support a community of students, faculty and industry professionals who are interested in communicating scientific and medical concepts, techniques and theory to other scientists, medical practitioners, students and the lay community.


This site is under construction.


We’ll keep you informed on anything of interest when it comes to visualizing science and medicine, including presentations, tours, links to resources and portfolios of some of the top illustrators, animators and 3-D renderers in the business.

We’d love to get your input and contributions.  Things like reviews of software and techniques would be terrific. There’s so much software out there!

Please pass along a heads-up on any talks or articles or interest, print or on-line.

Hopefully, our liaisons and connections with the National Institutes of Health will continue to grow and will provide a conduit to research and employment opportunities.

Once again, feel free to contribute content.  You can reach us through the site.